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How To Turn Figma Files Into Native iOS Apps

How To Turn Figma Files Into Native iOS Apps

Learn how Wanilla helps UX and UI designers to turn their Figma files into native iOS apps

Wanilla uses its proprietary AI and Machine Learning tio translate your Figma design files to native iOS apps in a click.

When we launched Wanilla last year we had been working on the best Sketch to Native App solution in the world. Wanilla allowed Sketch users to instantly render their designs as native iOS apps in a fraction of a second.

However, with Covid we realised there was a huge exodus from Sketch to Figma. We love Sketch but we understand why. Figma offers collaborative functionality which really became critical in the remote working world of Covid.

So, we got to work and rebuilt Wanilla from the ground up to allow you to turn your Figma files into native iOS apps in the same seamless and lightning fast way as with Sketch files.

How do you open Figma files on Wanilla?

  1. Update to the latest version of Wanilla (1.3.3 or higher)
  2. Open Wanilla and either click the “+” next to My Apps or “Add User Flow” under your existing apps.
  3. Click the Figma icon
    Follow the instructions
  4. Open Figma and accept “Wanilla” to access your account.
  5. Find your Figma file or Teams space and copy the URL
  6. Pop back to Wanilla and allow our magic to unfold.

Once the Figma file is rendered you will be able to edit screen links and inspect the layer hierarchy and much more in the App Builder. 

Don’t forget to invite your team by Email or by “link”, more about how to do that here.

Any issues, bugs or feedback please just shoot us a mail at

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