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Wanilla, the no-code app builder, adds new features and removes all third party tracking.

Wanilla, the no-code app builder, adds new features and removes all third party tracking.Β For the past 6 month, the team at Wanilla has been talking to our community of no-code app builders and taking strides to make no-code app building even easier and faster.Β 

Wanilla has now added (or removed) the following

πŸ‘‹ Goodbye Third Party Analytics

πŸ‘ Style Guides

πŸ‘ Undo / Redo

πŸ‘ Subscriptions

πŸ‘ Share by link

πŸ‘ Interface builder on the iPhone


πŸ‘‹ Goodbye Third Party Analytics

We’ve removed all third party tracking. Wanilla is private and secure and we’ll keep it that way. It also improves speed and makes the product more reliable, so all around good stuff.Β 

How do we track product performance to help us improve the overall experience? Interviews with our users and we have applied an anonymised analytical dashboard that tells us what features are used more or less. Nothing can be associated with a user or an account.

The benefit of this is that we aim to make these tools available to the users so you can set up your own tracking to understand what ticks and what tocks. A basic version of this will be rolled out in Q4.

What are third party tracking tools?

Google Analytics, Firebase, Localytics, MixPanel and many more.Β 

πŸ‘ Styleguides

This is quite magic and works with your imported files as well as with the apps you build using the App Builder. It comes with the capability to edit all colours/fonts used in the app in one instance and apply across the experience.Β 

So your Button colour, or H1’s or even the background colour can be modified in a few clicks and instantly be deployed across all users. There’s also the ability to download any font of the internet or your cloud storage and use it instantly.

The Styleguide tool is in its infancy so we would love your feedback how we can improve this. Either via an app store review or by email to

πŸ‘ Undo / Redo

Yeah, this should have been there from day one. But hey now we have it. So make more mistakes and progress your mobile experience.Β 

πŸ‘ Subscriptions

Monthly and yearly subscription options to unlock key features of Wanilla. Monetisation through subscription is key to making Wanilla a sustainable business. In the end we want to deliver 100 times the value we charge.Β 

We have programmes for educational and work progression related users so if you are in this space send us a mail to and let us know what you are up to and we might be able to enroll you in one of these programmes and offer a more affordable subscription option.

πŸ‘ App Builder on the iPhone

We brought all the functionality that Wanilla has on the iPad and Desktop versions to the iPhone. So from now you have a fully working Interface builder with api integration abilities and such directly on the iPhone.

When doing some testing the other day on the buss heading to the office, we build a music streaming app using the Spotify API and a App design from UpLabs. The journey takes 15 minutes and using the Styleguides feature we even had time to change the interface a few times.

πŸ‘ Share by link

Share any application you have created in Wanilla by a link. This can be shared on your social channels, on your design blog or by email or text. This is a great feature if you want to get the product in the hands of a large group of users instantly.

The receiver will be redirected to Wanilla if they have the app already and the shared experience will open instantly. If the user doesn’t have Wanilla they will be taken the app store and can download the free version and once they complete registration the experience will open directly.

You can unshare the link at any point and whoever had access will no longer be able to view it.

In the pipeline for the next couple of weeks

πŸ›  Figma integration

πŸ›  No-code Template Gallery

Build your dream.

No-code, just creativity.